Cheryl Ann Savoy

Cheryl Ann Savoy loves nature and all its creatures and has been painting landscapes flora and fauna for many years, exhibiting both as a solo artist in galleries and shows as well as many solo and group expositions, and the odd magazine cover. Her work has been distributed across Norther America, Europe, United Kingdom and Australia. She emigrated to the UK in 2013 and lives in North Wales with her musician husband. She finds the Welsh landscape to be an artist’s dream and spends a lot of time exploring and photographing it.

A couple of years ago she decided to start painting on ceramics to create smaller, more affordable expressions of her work that people could easily transport and enjoy every day in a practical way.

These pieces are painted with a special formula that fuses to the ceramic’s glaze when heated to a certain temperature. Although the paint product claims to be dishwasher safe, she asks that you treat these little pieces of art with love and wash by hand and not leave soaking in a pan of water.

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